LEED Consulting

Our passion for LEED Consulting and Green Building as a whole, drives us to deliver LEED support to your team, at the best engineering standards, affordably.

Let Us be your Offsite LEED Consultant

GEBCO International is the first Offsite Green Building Consulting Company. We provide green solutions for a global world that requires new alternative solutions.

Through our smart communication & project management system, locality to projects is no longer needed. From design to construction and post occupancy, we fully resource and augment your project's team with our LEED Certification Consulting expertise.

LEED Certification Consulting for You and Your Clients.

We work hand-in-hand with your team, delivering solutions easily, that address your LEED project and team needs, through our holistic and integrated process.

While you, or your direct client, may be the owner, real estate developer, architect, contractor or facility manager, we serve every client and team member with impeccable service , solutions and results that are on-time and with deep quality.

LEED Consulting & LEED Consultant Insights

We deliver our LEED Certification Consulting Services
through Each Stage of your Project's Lifecycle

LEED Consulting Cycle - From Design to Operations

From Scratch to LEED

We provide you support from the very conceptual pre-design stage until post-occupancy once the building is done. In each step of your project, we've got you covered:

We are Always there for You

Our main focus as LEED Consultants is always our client. That's why we are there for you 24/7 at all the different levels of your team's hierarchy:

  • 24/7 Relationship Manager
  • 24/7 Project Manager
  • Full Offsite Project Team

What is LEED®?

LEED Certification is transforming the way people thinks about how buildings and communities should be designed, constructed, maintained and operated.

What’s LEED?

LEED is a green building rating system that rewards best-in-class sustainable building strategies and practices. Over 70,000 projects across 150+ countries are participating in LEED.

To get LEED certified, building projects must comply with prerequisites and earn points in order to achieve one of the different levels of certification.

LEED Certification Benefits.

  • Lower Operation Costs
  • Energy & Resources Savings
  • Improves Community Relations
  • Augments employee and occupants happiness
  • Higher Rental Rates
  • Attracts More Tenants

LEED Certification is flexible enough to apply to all project types.

BD+C Icon - LEED Certification Consulting

Building Design & Construction

Applies to new constructions or major renovations; includes New Construction, Core & Shell, Retail, Hospitality, Schools, Data Centers, Helthcare, Warehouses and Distribution Centers.

O+M Icon - LEED Consulting Services

Building Operations & Maintenance

Applies to existing buildings undergoing works for improvement or little construction; includes Existing Buildings, Retail, Schools, Hospitality, Warehouse & Distribution Centers and Data Centers.

ID+C Icon - LEED Consultant

Interior Design & Construction

Applies to projects going through a complete interior fit-out; includes Retail, Commercial Interiors and Hospitality.

ND Icon - LEED Certification Consulting

Neighborhood Development

Applies to development or redevelopment projects on new land, containing residential or nonresidential uses (or a mix of them). Projects may be at any development stage, from conceptual plan to construction

HOMES Icon - LEED Consulting Services


Applies to: single-family homes, low-rise multi-family (1-3 stories), or mid-rise multi-family (4-6 stories). includes Homes & Multifamily-Lowrise and Multifamily-Midrise.

The Farther you Get, the Better. LEED offers 4 different levels of certification.

LEED Certification Level Points Bars
LEED Certification Levels Plaques

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