LEED Commissioning Services

Through our LEED Commissioning Services we enhance the delivered project’s quality by aiding the project team deliver an energy efficient & functional building, upon the goals of the Owner

LEED Fundamental Commissioning & Enhanced Commissioning Services

LEED Commissioning shouldn’t be confused with ASHRAE Guideline 0 (Zero) standard commissioning process. There are as many ways that to serve up commissioning, as defined in every work scope, so to meet everyone's expectations. The LEED Commissioning Services for new buildings can be divided into Fundamental Commissioning and Enhanced Commissioning.

GEBCO works hand in hand with the design & construction teams in order to meet the owner's goals for his LEED Project.

LEED Fundamental Commissioning - Ventilation System
Enhanced Commissioning LEED - Cooling System

Your Goals, Our Goals.

Our passion for Energy Efficient, fully Operational, fully Optimized and healthy indoor environment buildings, drives us to deliver incredible project results, affordably.

By utilizing Gebco as your Offsite Commissioning Agent, we fully resource and augment your project and team with our expertise and experience, in order to meet LEED Fundamental Commissioning and Enhanced Commissioning requirements.

We serve every client (either our or yours) with impeccable service, bringing solutions and results on-time and with deep quality. We provide LEED commissioning services, working hand in hand with each stakeholder of the building environment: owner, architect, real estate developer, contractor or facility manager.

LEED Commissioning Benefits through GEBCO.

By working with us, not only you enjoy all the benefits that fully Commissioned buildings generate, but also you preserve your costs with our unbeatable prices. Therefore, you enjoy:

  • Reduced Design & Re-Work Costs
  • Reduced Taxation
  • Increased Rents
  • Increased Asset Value
  • Longer Tenant Agreements
  • Risk mitigation technique
  • Establishes maintenance and operation policies

LEED Commissioning, from C to X

LEED Commissioning Services - WordMap

What’s Commissioning?

Project Commissioning is the process of scheduling, planning, documenting, testing, verifying, training and adjusting, to provide a fully functional facility according to the owner’s or final client’s operational requirements.

These are just some of the problems that can arise when there’s no effective Commissioning program in place:

  • Cost overruns.
  • Poor building performance.
  • Delayed schedules.
  • Below standard documentation.
  • Occupant discomfort with the interior environment
  • Systems interruption.
  • Inferior operator and maintenance knowledge.

LEED Fundamental Commissioning.

For LEED NC, CI, and Schools projects, LEED Fundamental Commissioning is a prerequisite.

The LEED Fundamental Commissioning process includes:

  • Review of the BOD (Basis of Design) and OPR (Owner’s Project Requirements)
  • Implementation of a Commissioning Plan
  • Incorporation of commissioning specs
  • Verification of installation and performance of the systems
  • Delivery of a Commissioning Report

Minimum Systems to be commissioned.

  • HVAC system
  • Domestic hot water
  • Lighting/daylighting
  • Renewable energy

LEED Enhanced Commissioning.

LEED Enhanced Commissioning gives a credit by providing a commissioning process that also includes:

  • Contractor submittals Review
  • Design review prior to 50% CDs
  • System's manual Developement
  • Building's operations review within ten months of completion
  • Building operating personnel's training verification

Additional Resources.

The following links may give you additional information about commissioning.

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