Energy Modeling Services

The world has changed and Energy Modeling is now a necessity
No longer can we ignore the Energy Usage of Buildings.

Energy Modeling: from GEBCO to Your Project

Given the global focus of reducing Fossil Fuel Energy in order to mitigate Climate Change, Energy Modeling Services are now a necessity.

Utilizing Gebco as your Energy Modeler & BIM specialist, we fully resource and augment a project and its team with our expertise and experience of the full suite of data-metrics that Building Information Modeling delivers.

Our passion for fully Optimized Energy Efficiency, healthy indoor environment buildings, and Green Buildings as a whole, drives us to deliver incredible project results, affordably.

LEED Energy Modeling Services - done with Revit
Best Energy Modeling Software Tools

Your Project, Our Model.

We work hand-in-hand with your design team, delivering cutting-edge solutions to your energy modeling project and team.

GEBCO's team is vastly experienced in Energy Modeling Services and BIM for residential, commercial and retail customers. We have assessed solutions from the more vanilla buildings through to the more challenging.

We provide Energy Modeling Services and BIM Solutions to every stakeholder within the building environment (owner, architect, real estate developer, contractor or facility manager) with impeccable service, bringing solutions and results on-time and with deep quality.

ABC of Energy Modeling

Energy Modeling for LEED - WordMap

What’s Energy Modeling?

Energy Modeling, or Energy Simulation, is the use of computer-based software to predict a building's post-occupancy energy usage behavior while in the Pre-Design or Design phase.

In order to analyze the energy model results of a certain facility, a comparisson is made against a baseline building (i.e Ashrae 90.1 series)

To quantitatively predict how a building will actually perform once built, the energy simulation includes the building location, local climate data, building orientation, building components, building systems, occupancy and operational schedules.

Energy Modeling Benefits.

Energy Modeling greatly simplifies the Pre-Design and Design Process, through the generation of data metrics, avoiding costly re-works within the Construction (see also our LEED Commissioning Services) and Post-Occupancy phases of a building.

This metrics will assist your team decide upon the best design strategies to deploy in-terms of Energy reduction impact, building Optimization, and return on investment.

The main benefits of energy modeling services are:

  • Reduced Design Costs
  • Reduced re-work Costs
  • Reduced Taxation
  • Increased Rents
  • Increased Asset Value
  • Longer Tenant Agreements

LEED Energy Modeling

What’s Energy Modeling for LEED?

Within LEED Certification, Energy Modeling is a Prerequisite within the Energy and Atmosphere section. This requirement, which approaches energy holistically, addresses and quantifies the implementation of design strategies that reduce energy usage and optimize the building.

This Prerequisite is augmented with a supplementary credit, Optimize Energy Performance, where the largest number of points within LEED Certification are available to the project team (19 points out of 110). So energy reduction design strategies really do pay off and within LEED, and Energy Modeling is needed to quantify those!

LEED Energy Modeling data is also not solely used for EAc1, but also for the following:

  • WEc2 (2 points) Innovative wastewater technologies
  • EAc5 (3 points) Measurement and Verification
  • EAc6 (2 points) Green Power
  • EAc2 (7 points) On site Renewable Energy
  • IEQc2 (1 point) Increased Ventilation
  • IEQc8.1 (1 point) Daylight and Views

Therefore, Energy Modeling for LEED is critical to the successful attainment of Certification as it aids the project team, and the building, achieve up to 41 LEED points. That's enough points to attain LEED Certified level certification on its own!

GEBCO provides the LEED Energy Modeling Services that you need to get your LEED Project Certified.

LEED Energy Modeling for LEED - Software Tools

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